Education Commission

Purpose:  The purpose of the commission is to further the teaching mission of the Church, within the parish

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • The Commission is responsible for establishing long-range and short-range goals and objectives for parish education programs and designating the responsibility for their implementation.  The Commission will periodically review and evaluate progress towards these goals and objectives
  • The Commission is responsible for developing and recommending parish policy.  The Commission will review existing policies, identify the need for policies, assist in the communicating the policies, and monitor the implementation of policies.
  • The Commission may sponsor and participate in events and activities that pursue the goals and objectives of the Commission.
  • The commission may provide input to the school principal and the Faith Formation director in the preparation and submission of their respective proposed annual budgets to the Parish Council.
  • The Commission is responsible for recruiting and selecting members, providing an organized agenda for meetings and preparing accurate minutes of meetings and providing copies of the minutes to the Parish Council and the school and parish office to be maintained as part of the permanent record.
  • The School Support Committee, The Faith Formation Advisory Committee and The Home and School Association are accountable to The Education and Faith Formation Commission and are expected to submit a copy of the agendas and minutes for their regular meetings to The Education and Faith Formation Commission Chairperson.
  • Any other duties that might be assigned by the Council

Membership:  All registered members of the parish shall be eligible for membership.  The Commission shall be composed of no more than twelve voting members in addition to the following ex-officio members: Pastor, School Principal, Director of Faith Formation, and one Parish Council Representative.  Representation of members shall approximate the following divided equally among the school, Faith Formation and at large members .

Contact person:  Diane Rebout, 755-5184

Non Voting Members:

Father Brian                                                                                                        Diane Rebout                                                                                                                                                                                                          Parish Council Representative – Matt Flynn, Marilyn Line

School Teacher Representatives – Kathy Ellis & Rosemary Urbanick

Voting members (must be registered members of the parish, need not be part of the school but can be): *limited to not more than 12 voting members, ideally evenly 4 from each area – parish at large, school, and Faith Formation.

Members are:

Shirley Deems  Teresa Dubanowich  Father Brian Dulli, Kathy Ellis, Cassie Everhart, Heidi Jegerlehner, Kristin Kath, Joe Knilans, Mary MacPherson, Mary Ellen O’Leary, Diane Rebout, Rosemary Urbanich

Meetings:  The committee meets the first Wednesday  of each month at 5:15 PM in the school library during the months of September, December, February and April.